Vanouri Tribes

Vanouri Tribes
Player faction

Those who seek The Way have already found it.

The Vanouri race stands poised as a paradigm of peace and tranquility. The Vanouri are patient, pacifist, and skilled in diplomacy. Vanouri diplomats are by turns soothing, stern, and cunning. They are renowned for their ability to negotiate from even the most tenuous position. Such a legacy has ensured Vanouri prosperity and has earned this colorful nation a place among the stars.

Much like their religious philosophy of Amra -- translated as ’The Way’ -- the Vanouri have found the way of enlightenment. With Amra, achieving one’s full potential is tantamount; a vanouri finds harmony with the universe through meditations and self-realization. And in matters of family and community, personal and tribal honor is of grave import. From this foundation of critical insight and rigid standards, Vanouri diplomacy has risen to the status of both art and science.

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