Terran Alliance

Terran Alliance
Player Faction

Our place among the stars is determined by perseverance and ingenuity.

United for peace and prosperity, member nations of the Terran Alliance trace their origins back to the home system of Sol. While the initial colonization of neighboring stars was fraught with peril, the people of Sol held out against the odds of survival and began to expand throughout the galaxy. In the centuries that have passed since Humanity first set foot on worlds outside of the Sol System, the Terran culture has made great advancements in science, technology, and medicine.

These advancements have ensured that all Terrans are provided for with minimal effort. In this surplus economy, an individual’s contribution to society is measured in cultural and scientific advancement, rather than labor. With this in mind, much of the Terran population is free to pursue their own interests. Terran spacers are common and are found throughout the galaxy.

While the Treaty of Wasuto brought an end to hostilities with the newly formed Galactic Imperium, there exists an uneasy peace along the Skirmish Line. Today, Terran Fleets maintain their vigilance and small-scale raids remain an ever-present threat.

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