Merchants League

Merchants’ League
Non-player faction

Free trade and open markets encourage prosperity.

From sprawling palace-starports, merchant princes hold tremendous power over interstellar economies. The Merchants’ League is a network of trade houses organized to ensure fair markets and safe trade routes. The Merchants’ League has trade agreements with star systems throughout the galaxy.

To facilitate interstellar commerce the Merchants’ League has also created the standardized Trade Credit (TC). While TCs are plentiful in markets where the League operates, the use of TCs use has become widespread and use of the currency extends far beyond the League’s standard trade routes.

The League’s wealth has also brought great political influence. Matters internal to the Merchants’ League often affect the markets it serves. As a matter of principal, the Merchants’ League goes to great lengths to maintain neutrality in all matters. However, the threat of embargoes and proxy wars provides the influential Merchants’ League with a buffer against the whims of local politics.

Contact and trade with numerous cultures, societies, and species has provided the Merchants’ League with all manner of alien technologies. Consequently, the Merchants’ League is among the most technologically advanced factions in the galaxy.

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