Isauru Nations

Isauru Nations
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The Isauru are a species of reptilian humanoids. Having risen from the treacherous swamps of their homeworld Tk-T’Isauru, they now stand as a proud starfaring civilization. These apex predators remain physically strong and agile and still possess the senses of their reptilian ancestors. The Isauru average 2.3 meters in height and have scaled skin and long, thick tails. Male Isauru have tough scales and a spiny crest along the skull, back and tail. Female Isauru have smooth scales.

Though the Isauru are communal, individuality is highly regarded. Each member seeks fame and fortune as their contribution to society. In the later stages of life, the long-lived elders are respected for their wealth of knowledge. Other races often regard the Isauru as arrogant, proud, and self-serving. But for the Isauru, the greatness that one achieves is enjoyed by all. To this end, Isauru travel the galaxy as traders, explorers and mercenaries.

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