Interstar Corporate Authority (ICA)
Non-Player Faction

Our greatest product is you.

The largest private enterprise in all of known history, the ICA is an interstellar conglomerate comprised of numerous interests that include construction, finance, manufacturing, mining, and shipping. On worlds where the company operates, an established infrastructure and an efficient managerial system allows the ICA to assume duties normally associated with government entities. Many governments, burdened with remote colonies or economic hardships, are able to rely on the ICA’s privatization of services. With a robust portfolio of government contracts and a well-financed security force, the ICA has solid investments on many worlds.

Initially headquartered on Earth, the ICA quickly outgrew its humble beginnings. Most of the employees are drawn from Human stock, but a variety of other races are slowly filling the ranks. Given the numerous operations of this enterprise and the fact that it is located on so many different worlds, the diversity of galactic populations is considered a resource capable of enriching the Authority. With this in mind, corporate recruiters are stepping up their efforts to sway potential employees away from their native cultures and into the rolls of the ICA.

Despite criticism of the corporate legal system and accusations of corporate espionage, corporate citizenship is not without its benefits. Certified employees are provided with education, food, health care, housing, and pensions. Citizens who lapse in their duties or who wish to reevaluate their roles in the corporate hierarchy are provided with ample opportunities for reeducation and reform.

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