Golden Orb Conspiracy

Golden Orb Conspiracy (GOC)
Non-Player Faction

The higher mind endures.

This mysterious techno-theocracy enthralls billions of fanatically loyal followers through superstition, espionage, and psionics. Most of the population toils away in the routines of droll servitude. For these teeming masses, the luxuries of autonomy, desire, and dissent have been effectively eliminated by methods of mind control practiced and refined for centuries by silent, calculating masters.

From the homeworld of Acaptivium, the Conspiracy has spread its net of intelligence operatives far and wide. The Conspiracy seems more intent on gathering information than gaining territory. For this purpose, the GOC has installed liaisons at stations and settlements throughout the galaxy.

While genetics suggest a human origin, true racial origins are unknown. The GOC rose to prominence while enslaved by a now extinct early race. During this period of slavery, psionic powers appeared and were developed among GOC insurgents. Today, the Conspiracy’s hierarchy is sharply divided between a technocratic elite trained in the use of these psionic powers and a subservient worker class closely observed for signs of latent psionic abilities.

The titular Golden Orb, should it actually exist, remains a closely guarded secret known to only to a few members of the ruling elite. Little factual information escapes the inner spheres of the Conspiracy. The Conspiracy’s Council of Information is highly adept at propaganda, indoctrination, and deception. Consequently, it is difficult -- if not impossible -- to separate the many rumors and myths from what little is known about this highly enigmatic cult-like nation.

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