Galactic Imperium

Galactic Imperium
Player Faction

All is Imperium!

Born in the fires of revolution, the Galactic Imperium’s, rapid growth has assured it a place among the major powers of the galaxy. With an impressive military to back its expansionist polices, the Imperium has successfully secured key worlds where valuable resources and strategic positions continue to fuel the flames of Imperial domination.

The Imperium’s settlement of large swaths of interstellar space has been accomplished by the institution of Homestead Laws. These laws allow for the settlement of conquered territory by veterans of successful military campaigns. While these policies provide the Imperium with a strong administrative network, they also help to relieve overcrowding found in many Imperial cities. Labor transports are quick to deliver the workers necessary for the establishment of new Imperial settlements.

Imperial doctrine pervades everyday life. All efforts are directed toward securing a safe haven for Humanity. Citizens of the Imperium are trained from youth to serve in combat roles. Recruits can elect to serve on board starships, with starfighter squadrons, in planetside regiments or with elite dropforce teams. Those who choose to muster out of the Imperial Forces must remain loyal to the cause.

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